From Indira Gandhi to Deepika Padukone, this store has dressed them all

The owners of The House of Angadi, an upmarket sari label from Bengaluru, have always been media shy. Getting K. Radharaman, the 38-year-old CEO and design head, to pose for a photograph is quite a challenge, and it takes the combined efforts of the photographer and Radharaman’s wife Supriya (who says very firmly that she doesn’t want to be photographed) to get him to relax and pose. Even then, he’s visibly uncomfortable, and rushes away as soon as the shoot is done.

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Phulia Sarees In Bangalore

Natural Sources of Dyes

Who knew that the fiery red color of the Hibiscus lent a gentle mauve shade to fabrics? Just like love, one would say, that’s fierce and proud outside and gentle and dreamy inside.The fascination of understanding how some common elements in the environment could lend colours and shades to fabrics, jewellery and art had sparked the imagination of people for over 40,000 years.

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A Sari Story

The 38-year-old Cornell University graduate is definitely not your typical silk sari manufacturer. He has imbibed his family’s 600-year-old weaving heritage and picked up the nuances of the business from his father
R Kothandaraman (fondly known as R. K. Raman) whose clients included the likes of Indira Gandhi, MS Subbulakshmi, Pupul Jayakar and Nargis Dutt. “It’s been in my blood. Quite frankly, I learnt it from the best guru I could’ve had, which was my father. I founded the company on my own, even though it was a business my forefathers have been in and it has been a continuing tradition for centuries,” says Radharaman.

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Angadi Galleria: Rebranding in the Age of Instagram

Today, Angadi Galleria has 40,700 followers on Instagram, its consumer enquiries are on a steroid rise, 51 publications have written about it and everyone who has any interest in what Deepika Padukone wore for her wedding and reception knows about the sari store in Bengaluru with a history of over 600 years in the textile trade.

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Deepika Padukone’s Kanjivaram bridal sari carried a special symbolism for her married life

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh’s wedding, being touted as the ‘Wedding of the Year’ for all the right reasons, was held at Lake Como in Italy. The duo tied the knot in two ceremonies on November 14 and 15. They first got married in a traditional Konkani wedding ceremony followed by a traditional Sindhi-style ceremony the next day. On Wednesday, the duo hosted a grand reception at Deepika’s home-city Bangalore where all their close friends and family members were in attendance.

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K. Radharaman: To discredit any designer is unfair

Radharaman, whose illustrious family has been in the art of woven work since the past 600 years, says he has no hard feelings against ace designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee , who had initially failed to mention that both saris worn by Deepika Padukone one for her Konkani wedding, and another for her Bengaluru reception were designed by Radharaman.

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