The Kanjivaram sari, derives its name from the famous temple town of Kanchipuram 90 km South West of Chennai. The popularity of silk fabrics can be ascribed primarily due to the natural lustre and softness of the silk, which has been traditionally considered the most valuable and luxurious of fabrics.
Silk weaving has flourished in many parts of South India since ancient times. Due to the strong patronage of the Chola Dynasty, The Tanjore District emerged to be amongst the largest traditional silk weaving clusters of South India and likewise due to the patronage of the Pallava Dynasty, silk weaving assumed importance in the ancient Pallava Capital, Kanchipuram.
Another important feature of the Kanjivaram sari is the use of traditional South Indian motifs inspired by the strong local culture. Hence it is not surprising to find that the ubiquitous temple border is a derivative of the majestic entrance gateway that marks the entry into most temples of Kanchipuram.