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The festival of Holi adds plenty of color and vibrancy to our lives. While we team up with our friends and family to celebrate and spread truckloads of happiness all around us today, what if we tell you that you can make your every day as bright as Holi?

This Holi, swing by Angadi Galleria to add more that just a splash of color to your wardrobe. At our store, you – a modern woman who loves travel and adventure – will be able to pick out lovely pieces that remind you of some of the most stunning places in the world. Moreover, we tell you how you can match each six-yard-wonder to your personality.

Personality Type: Chic, Modern, Outgoing, Classy and Glam world charm.

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A cultural and economic hub, New York’s skyscraper-dotted landscape represents ambition and grit. For those of you who love the thrill of the chase and work hard to make your dreams come true, the understated metallic sheen of New York will look at home in your closet. At Angadi, your keen eye will, we are sure, settle on our silvers and muted golds that are perfect for the boardroom to reflect your class, chic and intelligence.

Personality Type: Warm, Romantic, Cheerful, Passionate, Dramatic and Zealous.

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Sitting at the heart of Italy is Tuscany – a historic district that is known for its traditions and culture. When you drive out of its towns and into the countryside, your eyes are treated to the sight of endless meadows bathed in sunshine. Tuscany exudes warmth and charisma. And if you do too, Angadi is the place to drape yourself in mellow yellows that do justice to your charming persona.

Personality Type: Focused, Dynamic, Energetic, Bold, Strength and Passionate.

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Through the centuries, China has allured us with myths and majesty. Peppered with fantastical beasts and majestic legends, chief among these is the Chinese Dragon. It’s blazing red body, and flashing eyes convince you of its power and strength. If you are a go-getter who loves to showcase your fierceness, then, red is the hue for you. Browsing through our collection, at Angadi, you will find plenty of reds that are representative of your passion for your work and life.

Personality Type: Spiritual, Calm, Composed, Sensual, Emotional and Perseverant

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One of the most picturesque locales in Europe, the Mediterranean Sea and the places that surround it showcases sheer beauty. The blue waters of the Mediterranean urge you to build a relationship with Nature and instills an intimacy. From Spain to Italy, Croatia, and Greece, the Mediterranean Sea has stood by cities and towns for centuries and has always given people something to look forward to. If you are like the Mediterranean Sea – always the one to build meaningful and dependable relationships with those around you – the color blue is your match. Experience breezy Leheriya Sari Collection in stunning blues at Angadi Galleria.

Personality Type: Positive, Trust Worthy, Cautious, Curious, and Energetic.

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Off the coast of Ecuador are the exotic Galapagos Islands that are known for rich wild and marine life A tranquil escape for visitors, the green islands are surrounded by calming seas and the view is a picture of serenity. If you exude positivity and peace, embrace the color green. At our store, you will be able to find endless shades in green that reflect your inner self.

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