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If you thought linen was great for shirts and capris, look again into the radical wardrobe. It’s now time for linen Kanjivarams. Linen is the new premium luxury fabric the world over, fast replacing silk.

The matte effect of linen is being preferred over the lustre of silk, points out Radharaman K., design head, Angadi Silks. Coming from one of the oldest families in the textile business — his family’s been around in the business over 600 years — Radharaman explains how linen has become the yarn of choice in most international fashion shows over the last five years.

Linen’s understated sophistication is its draw, he says.

Angadi has an in-house designed range of saris under the Advaya label. This high-end label focuses on reviving traditional Indian fabrics and lending them a fresh look and feel. “Most Kanjivarams have the same construction — a silk warp and a silk weft, with a zari border, sometimes butis and brocade work woven in. We wanted to bring in a different yarn that would alter the look and feel of the Kanjivaram. It had to be a radical transformation, or people won’t notice it. It had to be a 360 degree change,” he reasons.

But how do coarse linen and supple silk mix?

The beauty of a Kanjivaram lies as much in its fall and drape, as it does in its lustre. “The charm of linen is in its coarse and matte texture.

We have also used a thinner raw kora silk yarn to add to the suppleness and drapability,” he says. The use of linen also makes the sari lighter than a traditional one. There is one line of very minimalist saris with very little zari in them.

Then there is a line with zari-embellished motifs. “A lot of our customers use it as a power dressing statement.” It can transform from office wear to special wear for ceremonies and functions.

Even the colour palette has changed in keeping with this idea — it’s more beige, off-white, pastel pink and mauve, lemon and peach. When the colours and fabric have changed, can the motifs be far behind? “Paisleys and mangoes have been overdone. So our patterns are more geometrical, which are trendy today,” says Radharaman.

Prices for the linen Kanjivarams at Angadi Silks, 5th block Jayanagar range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 40,000.

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